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dear little diary,

well.. it was my rezday, the day before yesterday!.. i didn’t really fancy a terribly big fuss tho’, even if my enormous party last year was so lovely.. for mother and underby divorcing has been rather a confusing time for me and although i like parties terribly, what with dancing with gilly at underby’s rezday and everything, i felt rather nervous about perhaps everyone looking at me and thinking, “whatever shall she do now?”..

but then i went to miss bianca’s villainous dance, and dear stormy gave me a lovely new pair of rezday shoes! and so i danced about in those with stormy and emilin, and then i felt rather better!.. and lovely miss emilin let me have some of her fascinating machinery, that i may play with it and try experimenting with how to build things…

and rusty and hono and so many of the other villainous folk were wonderfully friendly… tho’ rusty warned me that if i were terribly badly behaved, i should be dragged away by his wicked father and never seen again… even tho’ i saw him over in the corner and thought i may run rather faster than he!… and i know i am good and i told rusty why, so there…

nobody has seen mother about much… she has quite disowned me, i am sure… perhaps she is off somewhere scheming something, with her dreadful soporific recipes?..  but underby seems so awfully nice now!.. and he says that he is quite reformed and shall not try any dreadful nonsense toward anybody!.. and i should like to go about boasting as i always do, and say  that it is because i showed his good side to himself, by letting him be a marvellous lookerafterer to me..  ..but… well.. sometimes i look up into his eyes and still see rather  a lot of crabiness there… tho’ perhaps now he is rather better, that shall disappear in time

for good doctor mason seems no longer crabby with me, and he has told me i may be his apprentice in new batavia!.. ..o yes! and guess what?!..  miss bianca, whom is so terribly sweet and awfully kind, said i may stay over at her place in a nice new bunk and i found out that miss bianca and underby are terribly in love with one another!.. and they are to be married!.. and… i shall be the flower girl!!… isn’t that wonderfully thrilling?!!

lo :)

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  1. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey July 10, 2011

    Oh, how wonderful, Miss Lo!

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