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Encouragement for Antoni Guadi

Dear Mr. Guadi,

Let me begin by introducing myself: my name is Emerson Lighthouse and I too am a builder.  Please accept the following brief anecdote by way of further introduction.

I hold a recollection that I cherish beyond almost all else… of an old wooden bridge that used to join the two banks of a lively forest brook. I know you’ve seen the very same bridge.  It was like an open-sided tunnel under its long peeked roof.  It could have been straight from a book of fairy tales.  I used to stand on that bridge when I was just a child, and even then I’d become lost amid the metaphors.  Why out of all the memories I have forgotten this one yet remains.  But alas, even now there exists some doubt as to whether it actually IS a memory, or rather not some allegorical dream that somehow became ‘remembered’

All this preamble has nothing really to do with why I have written you however. I wish to discuss certain thoughts I have on the Sagrada Familia build you’ve been working on over in Barcelona.  I have to say, it’s really not too bad.  Perhaps a bit busy… maybe lacking somewhat for a clarity of vision… but I encourage you to keep at it.  I have no doubt your efforts will one day reward you with pride as you gaze upon the completion of your structure.  And as a fellow builder may I remind you to ask yourself, with all due objectivity, as you reflect upon this magnificent and majestic piece of art… could it withstand a Martian attack?

Your Sincerely,

Emerson Lighthouse

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  1. Sky Melnik Sky Melnik May 25, 2011

    *grins and laughs at the tags* Oooo, parties!

  2. Lauren Hallenbook Lauren Hallenbook May 25, 2011

    *blushes and beams with pride while reading the tags as well* 

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