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Elephant Hunt – Captain Killian needs your help

Read the story for more info. Submit photos to killianbaileyjameson resident in-world.

Elephant Trouble

The day was clear, the sky was blue, the clouds were fluffy white—                              

It was a splendid day to make a routine airship flight.                                                    

The Captain was relaxing in a sling upon the deck,                                                                    

Dreaming of ways to spend her pay once she had cashed that cheque.                          

The elephants, her prized cargo, were locked up in the hold below,                                           

Tuning their trumpets, (such a din!), for the Vaudeville show they’d soon appear in.       


The sky was clear! The clouds were blue! The day was awfully bright—                                   

When suddenly a soup of fog plopped down and ate the light.                                       

The Captain lost her bearings; couldn’t see before her hand;                                                     

The lazy ride across the Fells could not proceed as planned.                                                     

The ashy air, the noxious smoke, blinded her wits and made her choke.                        

The infamous New Babbage soot had made a ruin of her commute.                                          


The view obscured, her course unclear, the Captain stoked up steam.                           

She hoped to drive straight through the soup, and fly against the stream.                        

But the push of heavier air above her flying ship                                                               

Was too strong a force and caused her altitude to slip.                                                  

The airship lurched and swung about, and how the elephants fell out                              

Must have been because the hatch down to the hold had failed to catch.                                   


Elephants one, and two, and three went tumbling earth-bound.                                      

The wagon meant to transport them had also gone aground.                                                      

The wagon crashed into the lake. It was a crippled mess.                                                          

The bugling of the elephants broadcasted their distress.                                                 

Fearlessly, the Captain she assessed the accident’s degree.                                                       

With airship tossed, and cargo lost, her hopes of pay were royally squashed.                


But our intrepid Captain knew the elephants endured—                                                

Knew she had to locate them and get them re-secured.                                                 

First thing to do was moor the ship and tie up to the cleats.                                                       

Next thing to do was get a rope and ferret out the beasts.                                                        

She had until late Thursday night. If only she had second sight!                                      

The Captain had to have some aid. She’d share with them when she got paid.               


Someone, help the Captain spot the brutes somewhere around—                                             

They may be near the water, or anyplace in town.                                                                     

If you find one, take a pic and send it to the Captain, quick!                                                      

First one with all three will be the winner of this hunting spree.


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  1. Captain Killian Captain Killian July 22, 2017

    Coleen found all three elephants in record time, and is the First Place winner!

    Mari Moonbeam found all three elephants in just a few hours and is the Second Place winner.

    Though I’ve been shown where they all are, I don’t have to deliver them to their recipient yet. I won’t pick them up until delivery day. Of course, they might wander about a bit, but I’m willing to take the chance since  New Babbagers are so good at finding them.

    If you find all three, send their pictures to me. I’ll share a small prize: a steampunk disguise!

  2. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin July 24, 2017

    Should tie bells round their necks, then yer could find em easy! Otherwise, it’s their colour yer see, the grey blends in with the City’s soot walls – elephants got natural City urban camoflage….

    • Captain Killian Captain Killian July 24, 2017

      Well they do tend to make an awful racket on their own. They can be found by following the trumpeting.

  3. Captain Killian Captain Killian July 25, 2017

    Congratulations to Prof. Grey for being the Third Place winner. He found all three elephants and tracked me down with proof of their locations. But by the time I got back to New Babbage they had moved on. I need to make delivery soon. Who can help me find them now? I bet Tepic and the other urchins know just where they are. I’ll ask, if I can lay hands on one. They are right slippery.

    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin July 26, 2017

      errrr…. yes… but… well, yer mentioned they had trumpets, so we got a set of drums an a cello, an we’s tryin ter teach em ter play together…..

  4. Captain Killian Captain Killian August 2, 2017

    I was able to capture two escaped elephants today, and delivered them whole and sound to the receiver. I was only paid half my fee however, since one last elephant remains at large. But I should have been paid two-thirds of the balance owed I contend, because I delivered two of the three. I will certainly bring up this injustice before the NB Militia at their next meeting, if they ever have one.

    With the help of local urchins, I was at last able to find this third elephant loitering around the Pleasure Park, but by the time I had taken this picture he had wandered off again. Funny, they are so stealthy when they walk, for being such a great beast.


  5. […] three elephants were sighted within the city and complaints were made. As far as she could tell, two of the elephants were recovered but one remained at large. To this very day, she decided, there could be an elephant wandering the streets of the […]

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