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Easter Carols

It was an interesting morning, as the airship stayed in position above babbage, even up here she had found a few.. Eggs not sure how, but things had gotten interesting when she moved down to talk to her clockwork ship captain. “Marsh…. Did you hide these eggs?” She asked curiously. Looking to the Clockwork.

The single eye of the strange old thing moved towards her “Statement “I did not Master… it was… the easter Steam Hare he visited while you were asleep.” he says softly. The response did make the Jerboa’s eye twitch great… HE was here.. Well at least he did not blow up the ship… but would explain why some of the eggs … no all of them had pins or timers on them.

The Clockwork finished putting the record on the machine “inquiry: I guess I must have been good as he even left me a new record.” Candance going wide eyed as she runs forward trying to stop it but noticed for once.. It is not a blow her ears out toon, instead a known holiday jingle starts to play on it.

The Steamhare was singing very jovially,

“~Oh I don’t need a list, too lazy to check it for lice,

 it doesn’t really matter if you’re naughty or nice, 

Steam-hare allows children to blow up, your Tooooown~”

Candance had lowered her guard for a moment, but as Steamhare hit the final note the noise blasting horn erupted at the end.  It was like nails on a chalkboard only a hundred times louder to rival foghorns.  It grated on her ears and shook her body as she screamed out clasping her head and rolling her long ears down over her head.  

All around the city many homes were surprised to this simple little record a gift from the Easter Steamhare… but the asylum.. Ten special record players were set up, all to make sure the Steamhares Biggest fan could hear the lovely song.

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