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EARLY Tavern Tuesday: How Weird IS New Babbage?

How weird is New Babbage really? Come and tell your tales of aliens, the supernatural and just the downright strange from around our fair city state! Stories can be actual RP encounters or even just made up.

To clear up any confusion: this tuesday there will be two tavern tuesdays, one earlier for the UK/EU residents and one later for the night owls and US residents. I shall be hosting the first of these “How weird IS New Babbage?” at 12PM SLT to 2PM SLT at The Brass Monkey in Babbage Palisade.

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  1. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse June 15, 2015

    So who’s hosting the second one? :-)

  2. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain June 15, 2015

    Fantastic idea!

    Just a friendly reminder that any stories told might make fabulous flash fiction ;)

    • Zaros Xue Zaros Xue June 15, 2015

      Yup! I’ve sent one of my own through. This should be a fun tuesday for sure. :3

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