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Driving Miss Mumsy

Emerson took another sip of coffee and put the mug down with a smile. Was there anything better than that first Saturday morning sip of java? He picked up the note he had just written and read it over.

Dear Sir Squire,

I have no doubt that one day we will all be carrying about our own personal telegraphic senders and receivers to more efficiently keep in touch with one another. However, until that day I am resorting to the old fashioned method of writing you a note and sticking it to the coffee urn. 

I have a small addition to your duties of tending bar I would like to discuss with you. Seeing as how much you like borrowing my new steam-carriage I think it only fair that we incorporate some sort of official duty into this new recreational pastime of yours which, need I remind you, is completely at my expense.

You may be aware that Junie’s lovely aunt, Miss Sharpe, has recently decided to exercise her desire for independence. It is something I whole heartedly encourage and wish to foster. However she is very old and doesn’t always move around so well. I would hate for her to become frustrated and feel the need to return to Miss Ginsburg’s residence so soon into this liberating experiment of hers.

Therefore, in doing my part to keep her as independently occupied with her own affairs as I can, I am offering her your services as chauffeur. Naturally this would be during those leisure hours you would typically be riding around whistling at the sights of New Babbage, so it will not infringe upon your bartending duties. I am also willing to discuss an adjustment to your wages as a result of these added responsibilities – however I also wish to point out that the title ‘chauffeur’ would be considered reward enough by some.

 Your new duties will commence at once.


Your boss,

Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse, MD, PHD, NBE (retired)

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  1. Brother Malus Brother Malus July 21, 2012

    *skims the note from over the rim of his first cup of coffee* 

    Great! I get the car!

  2. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver July 22, 2012

     Smiles .. Imagine .. what delightful adventures ahead :) ..

  3. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire July 22, 2012

    I’m sure Mumsy will love this. (chuckles)

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