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Drinks at the Old Spears House

Announcing, the opening of the first floor bar in the Old Spears House in Academy, 

The ….rustic (read: leaky and run down) pub is tended to by Footman Industries very own Pengi #99, recently graduated from advanced bartending classes, and able to serve dozens of drinks and soon to be more!  just in time for Drinking Month!  Possibe rental oppertunity as well, in our lavish (read: destitute) rooms over the bar, where we feature: cracks in the wall, exposed pipes, leaks, and a beutiful view….of the brick wall on either side. 20 prims a room for only 30@L a week!   Homeless special: for a limited time, rent the shack in back for 0$L a week and 0 prims!


((since I haven’t really had a chance to work out something to submit to any drinking month contests, i opened a shoddy run bar instead))



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