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Dr. Dinosaur’s Journal, Stupid undead mammals!!!

The Mammals had been in a tizzy about something or other, some disease that just made their skin sickly and drove hem insane they just don’t have the reptillian intellect to handle a skin rash apparantly!!!


So while the mammals ran around panicking and trying to eat one another’s brains, I stayed in my workshop, workng on my secret project.  and  realized, my claws were looking greyish, and I seemed to be vleeding slightly from my scales.




So I have kept myself inside most of the week, drinking plenty of canal water for health, and working, the self cntained air should have done me better than this Babbage air the mammals thrive on, but my skin condition only got worse, until I finally having gotten cabin fever from being cooped up, ventured out.

It was probably the chemical laden smog of the mammals, but after awhile I felt better, the skin rash seeming to clear up.  it was probably just an allergic reaction, al te soot and such, damn city

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