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Dr. Dino’s Journal: deals

The Raptor had been in the CocoJava, scrawling plans on napkins over a mug of coffee, (the biographer was not offered any coffee) when an urchin entered, the tall rodent, Gilly.

After asking about the cake on the table, wich the dinosaur claimed was his, the urchin began apparantly offering the urchins services as an army (clearly they are not sane).

Dr. Dino was dismissing much of Gilly’s offer, he had the Mentok device afterall, and work was underway on the new Platform 11 to broadcast from.  what need would he have for urchins when he can mind control the populace? 

It was then that the cafe became infested, a little girl coming out of the fireplace, Lo, who joined them, also looking at the cake.  With both urchins making hungry eyes at the cake, the Raptor smashed his claw into it, smushing it, the children settled for ice cream cones as Gilly listed the urshin’s strengths as couriers and sommunication in the city.

Dr. Dinosaur was unconvinced, the pneumatic tubes seemed to be all ove rthe city afterall, then the rodent offered to show him a secret in exchange for a deal, the Raptor would not use beartraps on urchins.  Dr. Dino agreed and the rat took him to the pipes in the corner of the cafe.  waiting a moment for the next message to come, he rammed his ice cream cone into the pipe, blocking the message and retreiving it as he passed to to the raptor.

Convinced the urchins may actually be useful, Dr. D asked about the most important of the city’s pneumatic pipes, Gilly and Lo listed the Bucket, Brunel, and City Hall (apparantly the raptor thought the cocojava was city hall all this time).  Making a deal with Gilly, Dr. Dinosaur offered aztec chocolate for him and Lo, if he were to go to these locations, use his trick and intercept the messages.  any retreived messages will be brought to the Maw for the raptor, in exchange for additional chocolate, and leniancy towards the urchins when he rules.

As Gilly took off to his mission, the raptor turned to Lo, asking if she had assassin skills.  She mentioned she has a way with cakes.  The raptor accepted that and informed her to have many cakes prepared as he summoned the Time Egg and entered, to spend the rest of the night with this new aspect of his plan…


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  1. Erica Fairywren Erica Fairywren April 17, 2012

    *applause* ((wonderfully whimsical!))

  2. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner April 17, 2012

    ((should of seen the conversation that took place first hand))


  3. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs April 17, 2012

    (apparantly the raptor thought the cocojava was city hall all this time)

    Ceejay would be so proud. *grin*

  4. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner April 17, 2012

    “He who controls the beans. controls the empire.”

    “The beans is life!”

    “The beans must flow!”

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