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Dr. Dino’s Journal: Another Time Egg

After returning from his travels to, elsewhere, bearing more machinery for the platform, the Raptor took a walk through Academy, As he was walking, describing something about ‘sybcronominous samophlanges of the extraternal void’, or something, and alternatly ranting about how the time egg was not obeying him as (semi) well as it had before.  He suddenly paused in his lecture and peered ahead, breaking into a run.


The biographer caught up as the Raptor stood in front of a blue box.  He knocked on it, as a strange woman came out.


[23:16]  TTC Exterior: Meta Abattoir: Hello
[23:16]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: hello!!
[23:16]  Meta Abattoir: Hello
[23:17]  Meta Abattoir: Nice to meet you was getting ready to leave your planet
[23:17]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: this is yours!?
[23:17]  Meta Abattoir: Yes
[23:17]  Meta Abattoir: My TARDIS
[23:17]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: you have a time egg then?
[23:17]  Meta Abattoir: er yes
[23:17]  Meta Abattoir: she is a Type 102 TTC
[23:17]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: …..this one does not wash dishes does it?
[23:18]  Meta Abattoir: Absolutly not
[23:18]  Meta Abattoir: She travels through Time and Space
[23:18]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: oh good, never try to get them to wash dishes, NEVER!!!
[23:18]  Meta Abattoir: Do you feel well?
[23:19]  DoctorDinosaur Runner nods “mine does as well, the eggs just sem confused as to what time I want
[23:19]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: I feel fine!!!why?
[23:19]  Meta Abattoir: alright
[23:19]  Meta Abattoir: its ah nice meeting you I must resume my journey
[23:19]  DoctorDinosaur Runner nods
[23:19]  Meta Abattoir: have a nice er oh what time is it morning? Yes have a nice morning
[23:20]  DoctorDinosaur Runner: yes, remember, NEVER WASH DISHES!
[23:20]  TTC Exterior: Meta Abattoir: Never wash dishes
[23:20]  TTC Exterior: Meta Abattoir: whatever that means


The woman enered the box, as it faded from view, much like the Raptor’s own time egg.  After she left, he suddenly slapped himself “Of course! she has a working one! I should have commandeered it from her THEN I could have returned to my own time and recruit my army! bah! mammal trickery!”


He stormed off into Brunel Hall muttering about needing alcohol, and ordering the biographer to wait outside.


After awhile of kicking cobbles, the Biographer was nearly landed on by the Time Egg, as the door opened and a clawed hand yanked him inside


“It is repaired! there is a man in there who knows time eggs that gave me an idea of how to repair it, don’t look! I’m in there talking to him now! just get in!”


The Raptor slammed the doors shut and raced to the console, taking off “It was easy , I didn’t have to take out the gravity gun at all this time!”



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  1. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington June 15, 2011

    A dinosaur with a working TTC….ohhhhhhhh dear…

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