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Doctor Dinosaur’s Journal: Successful reclamation

Dr. Dino had been focusing his attentions on retreiving ‘Platform 11’, attempting to tune a receiver to the beacon left on the apparant airborne device.  The signal lead to the fells, at the foothills of the mountian.  The raptor lead a contingent of mecharaptors, the biographer (Hello), and agent Tux.  We were near where the railroad entered the mountian tunnel, the signal apparantly strongest in that location, when a swarm of one eyed crabs poured out.  The raptor unveiled a ‘Handheld disintegration ray’ and fired.   The crabs, a tree, and a 6 foot trench of ground were suddenly gone, subsequently so was the upper half of one of the metal raptors.

We carried on, spreading out to locate the platform.  One of the automotons signalling it had found it.  It was a mass of twisted metal, with a large glowing device that seemed relatively untouched.  The Raptor seemed gleeful and directed the automotons to extract the device as he pulled a communicator out and tapped a signal to the Maw to make it’s way for pickup.  Within the hour, the device was lifted onto the deck of the airship, where it then dissappeared into thr Time Egg, leaving the Biographer to sleep on the steel grating of the deck again for the night.


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