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Doctor Dinosaur’s Journal: Hypno for all

May 24th, 18XX:  The Raptor’s hypno transmitters are slowly spready through the city. He keeps ranting to himself about them.  Apparantly to acheive a better effect, he’s sent mecharaptors to spread them throughout the city.  The Biographer (myself) had thought the lizard was content with doing…whatever it is he’s planning to accomplish, in Babbage, but apparantly has aquired a train, the mecharaptors have been currently loading hypnoreceivers to transport to other cities.  The devices , from what could be figured from his rantings to himself, all receive the hypno signal from a transmitter device, creating what the lizard calls a ‘hypno-net’  (I am starting to doubt this creature, I don’t see how he can use a net to take over the steamlands, nets are for fish!).


May 30th, 18XX:  The Raptor had abruptly moved much of his poeration, to another airship, sending the Maw off to ‘resupply’, the new ship is double the size, but he seemed much more excited over the garish brass raptor’s head on the prow.  I had (hoped) thought he possibly forgot this hypno-wave plan, but the fact mecharaptor 47 has been MIA since being sent to tunnel under Babbage and plant a receiver has had him ranting even louder than usual.  He had the brass head on the Klaw dissassembled and had been buried deep under cogs and piping when he had sent the biographer to go into town and fetch a hen. no idea what he was working on, but he had me stant on one of the ‘areo platforms’  snd wait to the front of the device.


I felt no different,  though the raptor is comming, and we’ll all be better off.

((ooc, have plenty of receivers, if anyone wanted , can give or rezz a small 3 prim item  ((

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