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Doctor Dinosaur’s Journal: Air kraken

The Raptor was on the bridge of the Klaw, when the airship shook. Apparantly the flight path took us right into their migration route.

Dr. Dinosaur screamed “They fly now?!” as tesla cannons fired at the oncoming aireal calamari. Tesla rifles were issued and mecharaptors scrambled over the outside of the ship, firing madly at the attacking air kraken.
The Raptor was about to head for his Time Egg and relative safety, when tentacles burst in from engineering.

“How did they…..aarrgh, nevermind!” Dr. Dino grabbed the tesla cannon from the nearest mecharaptor and fired at the air kraken attempting to force it’s way in.
Eventually the kraken backed out, maintenance drones scrambling down from engineering to quickly repair the hole. Dr. Dino took the elevator to the top deck to assess the situation.

There was a very large air kraken bearing down on the ship.

The Raptor shreiked at it as it wrapped a tentacle around the ships midsection. It was pulling the Klaw to it’s beak, when a loud ‘WHUMP’ shook the entire ship, the Kraken’s eyes practically bugged out as it released the zepplin, slowly falling back towards the ground, trailing burnt smells of overcooked squid from the flaming hole in it’s side.

Dr. Dinosaur got up and brushed himself off, “Well, it’s good to know the big bertha gun works, everyone get back to your posts!”
The mecharaptors and drones scrambled to get back to work as Dr. Dino grabbed one “And get me some of that calamari, the smell is driving me nuts!”

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