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Doctor Dinosaur’s Journal: 30% coverage

Doctor Dinosaur was agitated today, the large map of New Babbage projected on his wall showing the area’s covered by the hypno-frequency.

“the receiver’s range isn’t as large as planned, the signal is covering the district it’s placed in, Academy should have full coverage, as should Clockhaven and Palisades, we’re going to have to put more receivers out, otherwise it will take forever unless everyone goes into those areas all at once.  at least the disruptions in communications should keep them from acting for now… MINIONS!”  the mecharaptors filed into the room. ” take a receiver and put them, oh, just put them wherever they’ll go unnoticed! make sure you bolt them down!”

As the minions filed out, the Raptor looked into the viewscope, apparantly watching the view of a drunk man on a soapbox shouting while waving a sign saying the Raptor is Coming.  He slapped a claw over his face ‘No, no no, Glory To the Raptor…although the Raptor is Coming does have a nice ring to it, BIOGRAPHER! Make a note! The Raptor is Coming!”



so….er….The Raptor is Coming?

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