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Lately it seems like everything had been disturbed.

The city has been jarred with the murder of the fae boy Pip and the rise of the church’s power, the church being the Church of the Builder.  Just waiting until they figure out what I am before they start coming after me, although I don’t feel anything more than a typical fur, or as they like to call us Moreau creatures, or something to that effect. After researching it a bit I’ve come to realize that, the creatures described may resemble us but are in no way like most of the furs that I know. Besides I have been born through two fur parents myself and am pretty sure they also had parents of the same sort… maybe. My father I am positive of because I remember meeting my grandparents but don’t ever recall seeing any of my mothers side of the family. This in itself put it way before the time of Dr. Moreau’s experiments.

Either way something about the church deeply bothers me. That someone could die on their watch also bothers me. But what strikes me with fear is what is going to happen when they start coming after others they think are “unnatural”. Hopefully this murder, even if not their fault, will cool their ambitions of the “natural” order of things.

There have been other things that have been disturbing me as well.

I’m still having those dreams about my mother and she wants me to bring her back to life… Like I know how to do that. I have seen Ms. Dizelle and think that if that’s what she wants then it’s wouldn’t be a very pretty life, but she seems to think there is a way. I can’t help but wonder though why she wants to be brought back. Whenever I have asked her in the dreams she says it’s to protect me from my father, but they both died at the same time. I suppose though if she is able to be speaking to me in dream state that he could just as easily be around as well.

The last dream I had she told me that she had been around the city and to contact Mr. Underby about a certain book that I dare not write about in my journal. Either way I can assume that he’d be interested in it. She also said that she’d owe him a favor if he could arrange things.

That’s about all I can think of. I will have to go and speak to Mr. Underby about my predicament I suppose. There could be a lot worse people to ask for a favor but as much as Mr. Underby doesn’t bother me… I just don’t seem to get very good vibes from him most of the time, and a favor for someone like that could be a costly one.

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 31, 2010

    I had a discussion once way back with Miss Aya, herself a moreu, both her parents were also moreu, foxes I guess, she claimeda good proportion of the original moreus did have offspring.

    I’m no expert in Dr. Moreu’s work, but if Miss Aya were still around, I’d say talk to her I guess.


    As for bringing the dead back to life, look at it this way, Dizelle’s the best Underby can do?

    • Cyan Icewolf Cyan Icewolf August 31, 2010

      I will have to look up the family tree sometime, I suppose. It’s always been an interest to see where I come from.

      As for Dizelle, I think he did the best he could under the conditions he was given. I’m sure possibly under other conditions he would do much better. That aside I’m beginning to think that just a “bringing back to life” wouldn’t fully be possible that way unless I had a body and that was left in Chicago. From what I have heard I am pretty sure Mr. Underby has ways that can over come that aspect of it.

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