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Displaced (out of place rp)

(So, sitting around bored between unpacking and reading and watching anime, starved for rp, I decided to write a little of what might be going on with Yang in this time with his sudden awayness from New Babbage and his barge. And posting it here rather than a blog since it’s not particularly New Babbagey or steampunky in particular.)

The fur covered young man had found himself sitting on a park bench for the afternoon to collect his thoughts. Anything to get out of that bizarre place! New Babbage had a lot of odd occurances to be sure, and a lion’s share of strange characters, but the “home” Dr. Sonnerstein… No, he had to correct himself. Here they called him Dr. Surtson, philanthropist, confectioner. He did a lot of good for this sprawling city in these walls, as did his family. But within the sanctuary hidden inside the city’s own massive park… People didn’t see the even stranger world the good doctor had dragged Yang to. 
Yang looked up to the disc of sky stretching out above the distant and towering walls. Near as he could tell, the doctor had hitch-hiked them back to their own time, but this was not the version of earth he knew. His home hadn’t been under worldwide attack from extradimensional soldiers and an entity that threatened to destroy the whole planet. His earth, when he had initially left it, didn’t have humans and monsters that couldn’t possibly exist huddling in walled in cities all jumbled together as if they’d always been buddies and thousands of years of hunting each other giving way to myth and legend and hiding in the shadows never existed. 
No, the earth Yang had known had been simple. The worst people thought they had to worry about were government conspiracies, such as the Moreau Project that had stolen Yang and his brother Yin away from their parents and Kansas prairie home for study and experiments in trying to breed super soldiers with the two boys’ agility, strength and stealth. A shudder ran through him at the memory of men in white coats.
The walls of this city, Dr. Surtson told him was called Bastion, made Yang just as uneasy as the carefully sealed rooms of the labs he’d escaped as a teenager. He stood from the park bench and wandered over to a tree, brushing his hand over it’s trunk before he sprang up to grab a branch and climb until he found a suitably thick one to settle in the crook of, letting one foot grasp it for added security, the othe dangling off to swing below. It was then he spied the silver haired boy with green skin below. One of the doctor’s spawn he had met before. Had he been following him?! He frowned a little down to th five year old, only to recieve a smile and a wave back, softening his own countenance into a smile returned to the mute boy. Watching the child turn to head off into the woods, he found himself shuddering again. He couldn’t seem to even find any solace in the fact this place’s park had such an abundance of the trees he so missed while living in New Babbage.
Ah, New Babbage… No place had been so like home for him since he’d been ripped from his parents save for his time living in the safety of the Blue Lotus okiya’s land. And looking around Bastion here, it seemed New Babbage could have fit nestled in Central Park perhaps! He looked out through the trees, instead imagining the cobble streets and shingled rooftops, the smokestacks and clocktowers.
With a heavy sigh free of soot, he swung back down from branch to branch, landing squarely on his feet as he turned to head back down the sidewalk towards that overpass that crossed the streame that angled in to run alongside the sidewalk. That stranger place in an already strange alternate if New York. Gotham they called it. Even as his hand reached out to push open one of the metal double doors set in the walk under the overpass, he could hear Kristos arguing with the… For lack of a better term, the wizard, who seemed to be in control of the place’s deeper workings.
“Riddler, I Have to get back there! Sevastian’s died! If I can get back before too long, maybe there’s still a chance!”
Yang skirted around the still Victorian clad doctor and his wildly agitated, thick, black tail as Kristos argued with the thin man draped in green and brown robes and leaves. The place was one of those oddities bigger on the inside. And it wasn’t one of those tardises either. No, it was nothing like Mr. Mornington’s lab or the other he’d been in before. It seemed, on the inside, like a windowless inn. A bar, sofas, tables and chairs, even a few piles of pillows and a kitchen in back. What disturbed him was a fountain in the middle of the common room that seemed to flow with blood rather than water. It had been flanked by two defender statues. Though it seemed someone had smashed the one of a large boy wielding an axe as big as himself. When they’d arrived, the doctor had explained to Yang that the place known as the Haven had once been the Haven of Vampyres, and as such they still accomodated them along with any other beings seeking sanctuary. Beings… The way he put it set Yang ill at ease as with everything there. 
“All things in time, Dr. Sonnerstein. Forget not your duties lie in this world, not that.” Yang found his eyes drawn up to the Druidic looking man with his gnarled wood staff bent into a question mark at the top.
“Do I? Still?! The people here are ungrateful! They think I’m nothing, useless! As if I haven’t given up my own life just to preserve theirs and their health! Even my own wife! I searched nearly a year for her, leaving our children in the care of my eldest and I abandoned HER?!” Yang had never seen the usually calm and gentle doctor in such fury and impatience before, smoke rising from the man’s mouth as if he were puffing on a pipe. It nearly made him want to withdraw up to his room despite his nerves about that unnaturally long hallway upstairs. 
Instead, he headed for the kitchen to escape the literally heated words between the inn’s guardian and it’s handy man, for lack of better words. “Mr. Nigma, Pleaaase fix that door soon…!”, he muttered to himself. “I just want to get out of this crazy place Dr. Surtson dragged me to and back home to New Babbage…!”

(For those who haven’t heard yet, I’ll be stuck without Internet still until the 17th at earliest. So, yes, I’m going quite beserk missing you all and the wonderful world of New Babbage. Anyone wishes to contact me, I still get messages through my email on my phone, so IM me!!)

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  1. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau November 11, 2010

    To add to it, thought I’d share the old old old drawing my friend did of his version of Riddler.

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