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Disgraceful discovery! The Chimneysweep’s grave has been opened!

Watson and I came across an awful and disgraceful sight at the Penny Dreadful Cemetery today: The grave of the poor Chimneysweep who was buried a little under a week ago has been opened, and the coffin was laying empty beside it! There was no sign of the body to be seen. Who would do such an awful thing and why?

As we had been investingating the grave for a moment, a mysterious lady dressed in exotic clothing called Maja appeared in the cemetery. She spoke only little English –  but we were able to understand she had just arrived to town, and that she had not seen anything suspcious. She wondered if someone could have taken the body to either eat it or to make it living again. I certainly hope the first one is not the case – and the second suggestion sounds rather far fetched and impossible to me. Nobody even knew the poor chap. Yet, I wonder –

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  1. Brother Lucius Brother Lucius June 8, 2014

    How heinous!

    Brother Lucius finds himself pacing in a most unsettled manner after hearing the shocking news.

  2. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery June 9, 2014

    This is most disturbing news.

  3. Professor Parx Professor Parx June 9, 2014

    Zombie Chimney Sweeps. Typical Babbage.

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