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Discovery of the Artifact


It was a cold October day when I stepped out of a ship in Babbage
port, returning to the city once more. The thick Babbage fog covered
the streets as the city train approached my old house in Canals and
the memories came back to me, almost as I’ve never left. The Porta
Terranum Device, Babbage Cuckoos, Cloud Angel, Prof. Eliot, Nareth
Nishi, The Thirteen Club, Van Creed society, Jasper Renfield, Jason
Moriarty… These names are already half-forgotten in Babbage, only
amongst some street urchins the tales are still told. So when I red
in the Newspaper a short note about the discovery of a strange
artifact under the basement of a destroyed building very close to the
Old Imperial Theatre, the place related very closely to these old
events, I couldn’t wait any longer.



After I unpacked my things, I hurried to visit the place of the
discovery. There was the artifact, a large piece of stone still half
burried in the ground. And exactly as the rumor said, there was some
sound, almost like a heartbeat, clearly hearable when I leaned



According to the Newspaper, a famous archeologist Mr Bernard
Blindside was called up to excavate the site and find out more about
the artifact. The only information I was able to find about the
gentleman is that he was the man who discovered the obelisk of
Datramarr, although I’m not familiar with this part of history and
have to admit I have no idea what Datramarr obelisk actually is…

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  1. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger November 3, 2010

    Some of us remember, all too well *rubbing scarred hands*

  2. Orchid McMillan Orchid McMillan November 3, 2010

    Some remember, and some wish not to recall such days.


    ((It’s been a long time, good to see you around :) ))

  3. Mr Underby Mr Underby November 3, 2010

    Even those who were not in town then hear the stories… forget the Linden, the most commonly used form of exchange in Babbage is gossip.

  4. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver November 4, 2010

    Welcome Home !!!!  grins and happy Twirlsss  as indeed the plot thickens !!!!    ((yay!))

  5. Myrtil Igaly Myrtil Igaly November 4, 2010

    Welcome back Miss Chernov!!

    I’ve heard Mister Blindside may be present at the Bonfire and Fireworks event on Friday 5th November, so that could be the chance to ask him what he thinks about the artifact.

  6. Natacha Chernov Natacha Chernov November 4, 2010

    Miss Dagger, Miss McMillan: Yes, I know, some of us remember… but still, people in Babbage seem to underestimate the discovery of such a thing right next to the Opera House… I have a bad feeling about that, maybe the thing should have remain burried in the ground

    Mr Underby: of course, sir, the city gossip is my main source of information about what’s happening in the city *smiles sweetly*

    Myrtil: I’m affraid I’ll be out of town on Friday, but I hope there will be someone who would later recollect any of Mr Blindsides conclusions.

    ((and thank you all, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for this blog these days, but I just missed the RP somehow. And of course – I aplogy for my English, it’s  still very basic;) ))

    • Mr Salazar Jack Mr Salazar Jack November 5, 2010

      “…I aplogy for my English, it’s  still very basic.”

      That, Miss Chernov, has always been one of your charms. Your delightful accent is immediately recognizable, your perspective unique and your observations compelling. Not to mention your wonderful photographs. Your presence has been missed.

  7. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh November 5, 2010

    Welcome back Miss Natacha!  Loike Mr. Jack said!

  8. Natacha Chernov Natacha Chernov November 5, 2010

    Oh… well, thank you Mr. Jack! *blushes* And thank you Jimmy *smiles*

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