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Discontent – An Interrupted Dinner

The wreckage below the glass appeared misty, lending it a mysterious and huanting appearance from the restraunt above. What treasures or plagues had those wrecks once hidden?  Beryl didn’t know and intended to keep it that way since it was a welcome distraction while visiting the Brunel, now that Victor’s prized fish had been moved at least.

Beryl had come to enjoy some fish alone for the day, a very rare thing for him now, which was why he had not been happy when a brown Moreau sat across from him.  “Yes?”  

The fellow gave a warm greeting, though it sounded ungenuine to his tone and his appearance.  “It’s a fine day today, and no mistake.”

“I suppose it is.”  Beryl replied, though the thug didn’t appear to notice the cold response as he continued to sit there and examine the bar and its assets.  

“Class joint.  Ain’t never been in here before.” The fellow was growling lightly while he twisted in his chair slowly to see more than turning his head alone allowed. “I can see why this guy gets on the bosses nerves.”

“It’s not somewhere I come regularly either.”  Beryl said, and it was true.  He didn’t like many of Victors draconian practices.  “Considering he avoids taxes and passes others that hurt his competition.”  Beryl was still upset at how Victors greed had forced Cyan’s brewery to close.

“That so?” The fellow grinned, flashing his canine’s at Beryl. “Well, I ain’t never paid no taxes here no how.”  Beryl Strifeclaw paused, wondering why the man was confessing something like that.  The fellow held himself in an intimidating way, but it didn’t appear to be directed at Beryl. “Well, this towns in for a shake up.”

“What do you mean?”  

“Too many people taken advantage of us.”  The fellow simply replied.

Beryl thought about Victors victims for a moment and then nodded in agreement very slowly, “Yes…but what do you intend to do about it?”

“Maybe we just make sure people know we’re dissatisfied.  Show ’em Moreau are a people to be reconded with.”

Beryl blinked in surprise, he had thought they were still talking about Victor. Confused he asked, “How would you do that?”

“Wave a few placards, shout a few slogans,” The fellow looked around and saw that a man was passing nearby so he spoke very quietly to Beryl, “Burn down a few buildings.  Like them that’s testing on animals an what not.”

The passing man paused and turned back to look at them.  Beryl and the Moreau stared back silently until the man left and then Beryl turned his attention back to the fellow, who he still did not have a name for. “That’s…one way to do it…Mr?”

“Omig,” the fellow said introducing himself and giving a slight nod before he continued. “Being peaceful gets you nowhere in this world, except as a rug.” He looked off in the direction of the man who had just departed. “That fella was a mite bit curious wasn’t he?”

Beryl shrugged lightly, “There are a lot of eyes and ears listening all over the city.  And a protest is supposed to get attention anyways…”

“Easy enough te’ gouge out an eye, or cut off an ear, but aye, words gotta spread.”

“You paint your picture’s very violently, Mr. Omig.” The fellow showed his toothy grin again.  Beryl took a moment to consider the man’s proposals.  Unsavory as he might be, the man had a point.  Talking wasn’t going to resolve anything and Victor wasn’t the only person doing something he didn’t like.  Mr. Underwood had been bragging about all the cats disappearing for animal testing, and he knew that he was not the only one that had been upset by that.  

Finally he gave a brief assent, “I’ll talk to a few who might be interested in taking part in a protest.”  

“Aye, good.  Mind your snout, talk to your friends, and we’ll see as what can be done.”

“I hope you continue to have a very fine day, Mr. Omig.”  Beryl had already paid for the meal so he soon excused himself and walked away on his four legs rather swiftly.

Beryl had been honest with Mr. Omig and would spread the word of an upcoming protest that might get out of hand to his friends.  He wouldn’t be there himself, he had no desire to be in the public eye again, but maybe this would change things for the better even if it did end in violence and fire.

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