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Dickens Suit – Bob Cratchit




Mod, Copy, No Trans

that time of year. Christmas is in the air, there’s a bite to the wind,
and snow drifts in the great city of Babbage. It’s time for a
Dickensian flare to your wardrobe with our venerable hero, Bob
Cratchit. Like every poor working drudge, he only wants to spend time
with his family and friends on the holiday, but without even getting
paid overtime, he’s stuck at the office crunching numbers.

It’s cold and musty, and a dim oil lamp bathes the mound of paperwork
in a pale orange glow. He can see his breath fogging in front of him as
he huddles close to the wan flame of the lamp, trying to keep himself
warm and his spirit bright.

Here’s the latest new outfit from Avatar Bizarre, a tribute to a Dickens hero.

It includes:

Top hat


Shirt collar with cravat


Coat collar



Shirt cuffs

Coat cuffs


Pants cuffs


There’s a splash of holiday color for this poor working man; a touch of
green on his shabby coat, and a splash of red around his neck. This
entire ensemble is modify and copy so you can be sure it fits YOU! It’s
no transfer, but there is a gifting option at the store.

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