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Diary, 27th August – Murder most foul….

Babbage and its citizens are in turmoil today. Last night, tragically, Pip Steamer was found dead in the holding cell where he was being kept by the brothers of the Church. Suspicion has made the rounds, from the Church members themselves to various individuals in town.

I am hopeful that, though there is no formal judicial system here, true justice will prevail. Misses Dagger and Netizen have begun an investigation, and the Brothers are willing to cooperate with them. I shall attempt to remain a neutral party, and as I have no specific connections to either the Church or to Mr. Steamer and his friends I believe I am capable of doing so.

In other matters, Ms. Rinq’s pharmacy is nearly outfitted to her specifications. She wrote to me just yesterday and informed me she would be arriving on Saturday to inspect the premises, and she expects some of her inventory will also arrive shortly. I am anxious to finally meet one of my best clients.

My own offices are also being fitted up quite nicely, although they remain sparse. I shall devote this afternoon to reading up on criminal law and investigations lest my services are required.

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  1. Doc Miggins Doc Miggins August 27, 2010

    I also volunteer whatever services I have which may be useful to the investigation.

  2. Kane Qork Kane Qork August 27, 2010

    My memory banks show that Pip was my friend and his absence represents a gap in processing.

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