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Desperate Plans

Arnold and Felisa listened to Tepic as he described the massive air vessel floating above New Babbage.  The larger cat put his head into his paws, as he knew what they would have to do…

“The three of us can take the Flying Vole,” the young fox offered readily.  “Though don’t think any more would fit.”

“It’ll have to be just the three of us,” Arnold sighed as he rubbed his head. “Gilhooly has already been hurt, and so has the Professor, and I don’t know how many cats….but even if we asked the entire militia and every able bodied person to help us we couldn’t trust them, or anyone else, once we got there.  He is bound to have one of those devices on his ship, if not a stronger one considering he’s sending the signal from there.  We won’t be able to know that anyone else would be unable to betray us to the raptor.”  He hoped that Felisa would still be able to resist at least…with a cats mind…

“Cor,” Tepic shook his head, and then after a few moments grinned again, “Well, we’ll think of somethin!  An’ at least we got yer, Mr. Arnold!”

The cat shook his head and continued,  “It’s worse than that.  We have no idea how many raptors he has on board or on deck just waiting for us to attack.  We also don’t know how many cats he has, but even if he has only a dozen we won’t be able to escape on the Vole alone without leaving one of us, me, behind.”

Felisa had remained quiet, but she let him know that was not an option, “We will think of something…nothing can stay in the air forever.  Is there any way to bring this thing down to earth?” She asked curiously, and added more sure of herself, “And we will have to get rid of that…thing he has created…”

The three talked and made their plans while the raptor circled the city above.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold August 13, 2012

    Their plans had started to take shape, though Arnold was worried at how woefully unarmed they were.  The most dangerous thing they possessed was Tepic’s sling shot and some sticks they could use to jam the flywheels.

    While he prepared the balloon Lisa looked at Tepic, and inclined her head at Arnold. “I told him.”

    Tepic shrugged, “Tis yer story, can tell who yer likes!  An I guess Mr Arnold knows how it is ter have secrets….”  He shifted slightly,and nodded.  Before he was even done Tepic clapped his hands together,“Oh… the churchies smashed up the Sneaky Vole…..that’s why I were so late.”

    Felisa expressed her commiseration, and Arnold asked, “Why?”

    “Dunno really, they seemed a bit… confused?  Anyhow, no worries, was thinking of movin it anyhow…”

    Arnold shrugged, “As long as you weren’t hurt.  Do you have your sling shot or that gun I’ve seen you carry?”

    “Got me slingshot… an some squish girkins….. not got any powder fer the blunderbuss….”

    “So we are armed with a balloon, a small statue, a slingshot, sticks that won’t even be pointy, medicine, and my claws.  He has clockworks, giant aircraft, cannons and guns probably, and hostages.”  Arnold looked at Tepic incredulous, “And you still think we’re going to come out ahead?”

    “Course we are!  We got you!”  The excited fox turned and whispered to Lisa discreetely, “He’s a hero, yer know…..”

    “I’m not a hero,”  He said resolutely.  He had thought about it ever since Tepic had first brought it up and knew that he couldn’t be a hero.  What he was doing was selfish, pure and simple.

    “Anyway,that Dr Dinosaur ain’t goin ter expect us ter turn up in me little airship, with just us….he’s gonna be geared up ter take on big fleets of enemy airships…..”

    Lisa nodded, “Surprise is a good thing.”

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