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Dear Uncle McAndrews – Hooved Again!

Hello Uncle!

I know it’s been sometime since i have written to you.  I heard that you have been back to the old family home in the Orkney’s again so i decided to wait a while before writing to you since the mail to those outer Orkney isle’s is tennous at best.

I have attached a picture showing you an old problem in the family which has happened to me…


As you can see…the old problem of the Mornington’s has resurfaced.

I know that my Great Great Grandfather had such problems when he was still alive and that the problem has vanished in the McAndrews familly line.

These…hooves…appeared on the night i usually have that issue with growing lots of fur.  Instead of the fur i got these things instead, and a very annoying tail as well.  I know that one of the doctors in the Orkney’s has a simple remedy for this involving some ether concoction that knocks ya out for a few hours.  Is that Doctor still around up there?  He was rather old when i left the Orkneys some 50 years ago.

I know that looking for a Glaistig is virtually impossible now as they have all but vanished from Scotland due to persecution in the 1600’s and finding one in this country is impossible as well.  It would be a great help if you could track down a remedy for this as I’m starting to get some strange stares from the city folks around here.  I think my story of testing out fancy dress boots doesnt work…

…if only my ancestors hadn’t gone and made a Glaistig angry, this wouldnt have happened…

((a Glaistig was a mythical cloven hooved women.  The tales of her started in the outer islands like Shetland and Orkney…my own family line traces back to the Orkneys tales of the Glaistig was told right into the early part of the 20th century, usually as a way to scare kids))


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  1. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra August 26, 2010

    A Glaistig? . . interesting. I’ve known several hooved women over the years, but I doubt any were such as this.

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 26, 2010

    ((one of the crypto/forteana forums I used to frequent, there was a story of a hitchhiker around the northwest US, not the usual ghost hitcher, as she’d be picked up, then the driver would notice hooves rather than feet, in all the accounts the driver just gets more and more nervous, but never points this out, until reaching the woman’s stop, usually a field, where she’d get out, thank him and trot away.  wonder if it’s the same species as a Glastig?))

  3. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 27, 2010

    but.. but.. Mr Mornington! a tail is a wonderful thing, now, i know it’s not as handsome as mine, still, it is rather fetching..Not sure about the hooves, feet are usually more fun fer climbing an stuff, but i do have a few old horse-shoes hanging around if you need em..

  4. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon August 27, 2010

    I think they are quite fetching hooves, nothing to be ashamed of at all!


    I still think flopsy ears would have been better, but I guess you do not get to choose these things.

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