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Dark Omens on Holy Ground

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 5, 2011

    good heavens, they’re sending off spores! save yourself, sister!

  2. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau April 5, 2011

    0.0 The two spotted in the Gut must have multiplied…! 

  3. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh April 5, 2011

    ((Has no one yet fetched a John Waters icon?))

  4. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman April 5, 2011

    this is what happens when we introduce a new species to a place where they have no ntural predators, we need to ship in a hundred lawngnomes immediatly, that will solve the problem

    • Sky Melnik Sky Melnik April 5, 2011

      YESSSSS, Grendel! *dashes off to write a letter to Steelhead requesting said gnomes*

      • Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain April 5, 2011

        Actually now that you guys mention it….*starts hunting through her inventory* MWAHAHAHA!


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