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(Dark Aether) – To close for comfort

Once again Gadget’s sleep was bought to an abrupt halt, but this time the deaomons had taken on a new form.

Yes the old faces were there, but they had been joined by ghastly creatures the like of which Gadget had never before imagined. Except he had seen something reminiscent of their kind and although it was after nightfall, he had not been dreaming.

He shivered. He no longer felt safe, not even here, not now. What he and Lisa had discovered last night left him in no doubt of that. He opened the hatch and stepped down. There it was. The rusting yellow tank giving no clue to its devastating potential.

Could it be a coincidence? But why here? Of all the places, why here? He looked at his notebook and re-read what he had copied from the document they had stolen and replaced last night. It answered few questions, but posed many more. He looked at the tank again and made up his mind. This was all just to close for comfort and he had to find out more. He picked up the jemmy and left with a purpose.

He squeezed through the hole left by the plank he had carefully removed. He landed in a heap inside a lot less gracefully than the cat had.

Gadget emerged some thirty minutes later, the early morning moonlight highlighting his features that were now even more pale. He worked quickly to replace the plank, checking all about as he worked. His fear of discovery making his hands shake.

It was incredible, amazing, fantastic. Not everything had made sense. Not everything was clear. But Gadget knew enough to know that he had stumbled upon a science that not even he would dare tamper with. He must find the mayor. 

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