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Dark Aether – The Edge of Destruction – Part 3

((My small part in tieing up the loose ends of the timelock side of the Dark Aether))

It had been two months.

Two months of standing in the shadows simply, observing.  The ruling of the council not to directly intervene didnt stop some timelords in the city trying their hardest to avert the course of the timeline, but, time itself moves for no one.

As the last embers of the cylinder creatures faded, and the last of the cloud angels was used to defeat the creatures, Vic walked back to his old TARDIS in clockhaven and threw the switch.


The city was free of the lockdown…

Just before the last of the creatures was defeated however, Vic had walked to one of the last remaining “cracks” under the cover of darkness and threw in a trace device, the final 5 minutes of the devices transmissions of the alternate reality revealed the horror of what would have happened if the citizens of New Babbage…had failed.

2 days after the events of the last page of the Writers Book the creatures would have all but taken over the entire city, slaying anyone that moved, men, women, children, animals, everything.  The city would have become a hollow shell.

4 days after the events of the last page of the Writers Book the creatures seemingly had started to excavate a large hole in the center of what would have been City Hall.  More cylinders started to appear as the creatures opened a larger gateway to their own dimension, soon the city scape of what was New Babbage would be nothing but a seething mass of dark, evil flesh.

5 days after the events of the final page of the Writers Book, a large swarm of creatures was seen heading in the general direction of Caledon, Steelhead, Armada and a small group towards continental mainland.

It was at this point the transmission stopped as the last of the cracks sealed.

The timelock of the city which stopped the Timelords from leaving and ended up resorting a lot of the timelords outside of the city to stay away was probably one more cog in the creatures plan.  A breach in time so significant and severe could have been repaired substantially quicker by a group of timelords…but they probably knew that, which is why the city was locked down tight.

One lingering thought still remained in theback of Vic’s head as he wrote a missive to the high council of timelords declaring that New Babbage, thanks to the resillience of its citizens, was once again safe…

…that lingering thought was..somewhere, out there, those creatures are still around, watching…and waiting.

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