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(Dark Aether) – Termination Order

((OOC post but comments welcome))

Gadget heard the Man coming before he saw him. The footsteps echoing around the gut told him it was somebody with expensive shoes. As the sillhouette drifted, back-lit through the smog towards him Gadget froze, it was Barnaby E.Hopkins, from the warehouse out back.

The man came directly for him. Gadget fought with his fear, trying desperately not to sound nervous. “Can I ‘elp you Sir?”

“We’ve been watching you” the Van Creed Man said.

Gadget’s throat tightened, he felt the man’s gaze and looked him straight in the eye, his well-practiced face a picture of false innocence. “Wot do you mean Sir?” a voice in Gadget’s mind was screaming at him ‘what do they know!!!!!’

“It means we know you are well connected with the people of importance in ths town. Specifically those of its central managment such as the Mayor” the Man said, meeting his gaze head-on.

Gadget shrugged “I get about, but I keep myself to myself, I ‘ave bumped into the mayor now and again, but ‘e is usualy too busy to speak to an urchin like me. You is my new neighbour aint You?”

“You know who i am?” It was as if the mans eyes were trying to pierce Gadget’s sole, searching, questioning.

“I saw you at the Haloween Party. Welcome to Babbage Sir. Some folk said you was into imports trade or something.” Gadget said smiling back. 

“I did not ask you where you have seen me before but I shall forgive your lack of schooling. I simply request that you give a document to the mayor.”

“Always willing to ‘elp a neighbour Sir” Gadget held his releif inside. If the man knew about his plans, he wasnt showing it.

“I am aware the mayor himself is away, so this document can be placed into those he has left in charge. Infact it is probably best since there has been quite a few questions about the mayor of late.”

 “Right You are Sir, You can rely on me. The Mayor always seemed a good sort to me.”

The man scoffed arrogantly “this would be why you are not in any running to be in a position of power dear boy.”

” ‘course not sir, I’m just a stupid urchin” Gadget said putting on his best vacant grin.

“This document is very important, so do not loose it or damage it” the Man cautioned.

“Oh ill do my best Sir”

The man flipped some coins across to Gadget “Here are coins for your troubles.”

Gadget made a point of dropping them clumsly and scrabbling to pick them off the floor. “Very kind Sir, very kind.”


The man turned and started down the steps. At the bottom he hesitated and turned back to Gadget, fixing his gaze once more “Oh and if you happen to read it, be sure to no whisper it to those who best not hear”

“Of course not Sir , I is the ‘eight of discretion” Gadget fawned touching his hat and bowing to the man with exagerated defference.

“Keep up the fine work master Gadget, the Van Creed watch with interest” the Man said as he disapeared into the smog. His expensive leather shoes echoing once more through the shadows.

As soon as the man had gone Gadget went inside and collapsed to the floor with his back to the door. His heart pounding as he opened the letter and read. Why does Barnaby want the authorities to see this? Why choose him to deliver it? What can it mean? Gadget read the letter.


‘Bugger’ he thought. ‘now the shit ‘as really ‘it the propellor.’ He went looking for Miss Jed.



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