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(Dark Aether) – Someone has had company..

From his vantage point behind some crates stacked on the railway station platform, Gadget returned his slingshot to his belt and watched as the desk clerk went outside to investigate the irate customers complaint.

“Look!” she exclaimed, pointing at her soup bowl on the table at the front of the hotel “Its a large black flightless beetle. How else could it have got there if not from your own filthy kitchen!”

As soon as he was sure the clerk was distracted, Gadget skipped into the hotel lobby and flipped through the registration book. Finding the entry he was looking for he scurried up the stairs.

The lock was a simple 3-lever mortice and yielded quickly with a satisfying click. Gadget returned his picks to the cigar case strapped on his shoulder, took one look over his shoulder and quietly eased into the room.

Hmmmm….It looks like the occupant of Room 301 has had company….[img_assist|nid=4036|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=660|height=660]

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