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(Dark Aether) Seen and Unseen, Old and New

Private Journal

10 Oct NByr5

I sat there at my desk, trying to form the words of what I’d seen…of what happened tonight.  I told Tenk, and he looked at me with a look that dwelt between disbelief and fear.  When I saw it myself, I knew at my core that something was happening that would be like that first winter in Babbage.

Tenk set off screaming for Effingham.  I found him on the street after Tenk had returned to his tower.  I simply told him the Mayor requested his presence, and he knew by the look in my eye that I meant it.

The word had come back to me, in the same whispered tones as before.


If Jason had made his way back, if what was said last year had come true…..

I worked the combination of the safe, then opened the second lock of the space in the bottom of the heavy steel box.  The thick folder held the secrets of three years, letters, recording cylinders, notes, pictures.  I had locked it away, hidden it under locks and bars.  I hoped by keeping the secrets somehow I would have removed his power.  I won’t let him win. 


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