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(Dark Aether) – Resistance efforts


A scream choked in Gadget’s throat as he woke and his laboratory resolved slowly into being. Replayed nightmares of blue lightening and beasts gave way to the terrifying awake reality and the prophesy of its destruction.


He lay for a moment calming his breathing as he fought down the panic and the impulse to flee returned. Why stay now? He had always run from trouble and this was the worst trouble yet. But that was before this city of tinkerers and men of science had got into his blood. It had become his home and the urchins his family. He knew he could not abandon them to the monstrosity that is Moriarty without at least trying. 


He looked across at the large sack slumped across the bench and remembered the nights exertions and the sickening work to come. He could see it in the man’s eyes that the undertaker was growing increasingly suspicious of Gadget’s true motives behind their discreet arrangement. There were only a few formaldehyde jars on display upstairs.


A beetle scuttled across the metal floor and Gadget pounced. This would make a fine last meal for the last remaining assassins in his precious consignment from Brazil. He dropped the doomed beetle into their crate and heard a faint scurrying.


His uncle’s research notes had been quite ironically explicit on safety procedures considering the nature of his demise. Gadget reached for his gas mask as the memory of the man filled Gadget with pride and for a moment he forgot the stench and sleep deprivation as he stood up ready to continue the work that must be done.


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