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(Dark Aether) – Overseas Airmail

Gadget lay on the roof breathing in the smog that felt like nectar to his lunges after the hours of sucking it through charcoal. At last that work was complete.

A small dot in the air above him grew rapidly larger and Gadget only had time to put his arms over his face before it landed on him.

 “‘ello Bob!” he said as the Secret Urchin Society’s smallest and most loyal member cooed and pranced across his arm. Gadget took Bob to his coop and made sure he was tucking in to double rations before gently removing the folded paper from the tiny canister on Bob’s leg.

Bob gave Gadget a sideways look as he punched the air with delight “YES!”. The successful meeting that had transpired with Triky and Margo was indeed momentous news but it was the final sentence which had made Gadget so pleased.

Myrtil was coming home. 

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