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(Dark Aether) – Operation Jarhead

Gadget rushed to the power station as soon as he heard the news of the attack by the creatures. Miss Falcon was quickly able to reassure him that his work with herself and Unit#6 had not been discovered by the attackers. She led him back down to the ultra secret sub-terranian lab.

“I think we will be ready to proceed in very short order, if required.” said Miss Falcon as they both looked on proudly at the fruits of their labour.

Gadget beamed “Excellent! Your work with the mushroom extracts was the breakthrough. The interface between the clank’s BMOS system and the ‘guest’ would never ‘ave been possible without it. May I take ‘im back to my lab now for field testing?”


“That sounds like a good idea” Miss Falcon agreed.


Gadget smiled and nodded “The pieces are coming into place Miss, now all we needs is a way to complete the procedure, alas at present I lack those skills”.

Miss Falcon gave the non-sentient machine it’s assignment instructions. Designated Unit#8, it followed Gadget obediently out of the Lab. At the top of the steps he turned back to the Unicorn.

“Stay safe Miss. Now I ‘ave to find a way to complete the mission” Gadget paused “…and stay out of the way of ‘orrible crabs in the meantime….”




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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 6, 2011

    Wonderful work there young Master Gadget!

    Assuming that you survive the future apocalyptic events you have a bright future as a scientist ahead of you!

    Have you ever considered a job in aetheric research?

  2. Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider November 6, 2011

    Well thanks Miss but aren’t jobs them things where people tell you wot to do? And research sounds a bit like ‘homework’ and there’s never enough explosives or robots in homework. 

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