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(Dark Aether) – Men of Faith

Gadget felt a cold chill on the back of his neck and jumped as he turned to face the hooded man. The urchin recognised Sebastian of Malkuth, the ghostly and powerful knight allie who had faught to protect the town from the Humunculi. Sensing the town was once again in grave danger Sebastian had returned from the hills.

“My godess is wounded by years of the progress of men, she is weak and I am all that remains of her followers. I need to speak with the men of faith in new babbage”

“The fish worshipers or the builder chaps?” Gadget asked,

“Both the so called ‘fish’ worshipers and the men of the builder. I do not expect such a young boy to understand these things.”

Gadget pouted and folded his arms, “I aint stupid”

“Inform them that I need to speak with them, if they agree i shall then request a time,  if we then of faith do not work together we may not be prepared for whats to come.”

Gadget looked nervously at his shoes, “Do you wa….” but when he looked up Sebastian had gone.


Gadget could see the suspicion in the Dagonites eyes, but Stormy was too curious not to agree to Sebastian’s offer.

Gadget shuffled into the Church of the builder looking over his shoulder as he heard his footsteps echo around the cavenous chamber. Churches, like courtrooms, made him anxious. The Brothers too had plenty of questions but the urchin messanger could only shrug with the scant details Sebastian had given him. Cautiously the Brothers too agreed to meet and reluctantly share an audience with the ‘hedonist’ Dagonites to hear what the Knight had to say.

Gadget returned to his hideout and kicked Unit 9, “next time bloomin tell me if some geezer is creeping up on me, flippin ghost or not!”

“Compliance” said Unit 9.













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  1. Myrtil Igaly Myrtil Igaly October 26, 2011

    Oh, so he’s back…

    I wonder if he’ll be giving some kind of mysterious sack to the Mayor now!

  2. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein October 27, 2011

    ((Alas and alack, if only I were a proper member of either. Or at least knew of this properly))

  3. Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider October 28, 2011

    Gadget sat heavily down with a sigh and rubbed his eyes, glad to have discharged his duty.

    Sebastian had appeared pleased to learn that the fish folk and the builders lot had agreed. Now the meeting was set up and all parties informed. With a full belly of church soup inside him Gadget slumped back and closed his eyes.

    “Polish yer cogs Unit 9, we’re ‘aving guests over”

    “Please calrify relevance of internal gear mechanism finishing for purposes of social…..” Unit 9 cancelled the query as Gadget snorred. 

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