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(Dark Aether) – Hope

Stepping out of the secret entrance Gadget squinted as he looked fertively about checking nobody could see him emerge. Satisfied the coast was clear he set off, his eyes slowly adjusting to daylight from the dark foetid gore of the containment lab. These short excursions were literally a breath of fresh air.


Gadget had bumped into the pretty lady on the steps of City Hall in the morning. Aurora had shown him kindness, given him gifts and a yucky kiss that she said was magic. 


“You are a resourceful one dear, one I need to be safe” she had told him, promising that she would be watching. But then, most importantly and as if reading his fearful mind she gave Gadget hope: 


“It is my experience that if a group strives to change themselves and fight for what they believe in they can change the words in the book”


“Lusa Em..” she had said in a strange language she called Mer as she glided away. Her white hair seeming to glisten and glow despite the smog. Gadget stood transfixed for some time after she had gone feeling warm for the first time in what seemed an age.


Buoyed up by his morning experience he had decided to get some exercise and arrived at the empty Cuff’s. He had previously seen one of the men work the bench press and laid back grasping the weight and straining to lift it from its cradle. He was instantly sorry and tried desperately to push it away as it fell but it pinned him down trapping his legs. 




It was some time before he heard the sound of approaching hooves. His cheeks burning with embarrassment he called out for a rescue  from the passing unicorn. Once freed and nursing nothing worse than a bruised ego and shin, Miss Avariel had told him of the tiny portal she had created and invited him to come and see it at the mysterious power station.


Gadget starred at the tiny shimmering disc dwarfed by the enormous coils around the room as he listened intently to Miss Falcon’s patient explanation of the awe-inspiring phenomenon. As she spoke an idea formulated in his mind and he spun around to face the unicorn wide eyed.


“Suppose you wanted to transport a fellow from a place into an airtight container, without them knowing or stopping you, would that be possible? Zap them out of thin air like a kinda……trap?”


The unicorn had tapped her hind leg absent mindidly as she pondered the enquiry and patiently explained how it could be done between Gadget’s ever more excited questions. By now Gadget could not contain himself. He jumped down from the platform and kissed the surprised unicorn on the neck:


“Miss you are super splendid and most amazing!….I must consult with my friends urgently!” and with that he ran out of the door.


Miss Avariel smiled and shook her mane.




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