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(Dark Aether) Diary, October 12


Who knew that I should get a flower so quickly out of my little plot of land? 

I came down to finish digging the dung in and discovered what, at first, I took to be detritus left by some malicious person determined to keep me from my plans. The thing seemed stuck quite fast, so I started to dig, but, I think owing to my anger, I exhausted quickly. 

I’ve not been feeling well since the weather began to change. 

So I sat on the steps to catch my breath and (it was the strangest thing!) but the longer I looked at the device the more I realized how elegant it was. Moreover, that it looked as though it had been pushed up from the ground, or, perhaps, dug in. Which seems like a lot of effort for someone intending to cause naught but grief.

So, I thought, “Perhaps it’s a gift.” 

What could be a greater gift than a puzzle to figure out? It is far better than waiting for spring to come so that I might have a few paltry flowers! 

I think that in the morning I shall make sketches of it, just in case whoever has left it takes it back.

One thing is for sure, I won’t be mentioning this at work! I wonder if I could build a fence around it… 

~Njal *kiss mark* 


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