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(Dark Aether) – Carcofony of Decay

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Wedging himself with his back and knees Gadget pushed himself up through the soot. He had hoped to never have to be a climbing boy again but needs must. As he approached the 3rd floor he moved slowly and quietly until he could make out the voices. He stopped and listened, praying that nobody below decided to light a fire. 


[04:33]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): So Moriarty, you wished for this interview?

[04:34]  Jason Moriarty: yes, i think now is probably the time for the truth to be revealed

[04:35]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): I can arrange for someone to interview you

[04:36]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): I know of such a perfect young fellow , goes by the name of Darren Mowatt

[04:36]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): I shall arrange for him to meet with you as soom

[04:36]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): soon as possible

[04:36]  Jason Moriarty: that would be most agreeable

[04:37]  Jason Moriarty: tell me mr hopkins, how goes the work on the Aether Pump?

[04:38]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): so you know of that, your keen observations of what happens around you often surprises even us

[04:38]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): perhaps tht is why the town fears you so

[04:38]  Jason Moriarty: they fear the truth which I represent

[04:38]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): there you go again about this truth, you think us a lie?

[04:39]  Jason Moriarty: you are what you are, and it is only you who decide judgement on what is right or wrong about who you are or what you do

[04:40]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): and you say that in a manner that resents not the van creed but humanity as a whole?

[04:40]  Jason Moriarty: ha, perhaps you are learning a thing or two, I am impressed

[04:41]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): I can assure you the actions of the van creed will not bare ill fait to this town

[04:42]  Jason Moriarty: you are mistaken mr hopkins, there is no one player in this carcofony of decay

[04:43]  Jason Moriarty: this whole town and it’s inhabitants all march towards their own tragic end, I mearly dance to its rhythm

[04:43]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins): sigh,… you and your riddles, well I bid you good day sir, expect Mawatt’s visit soon

[04:44]  Barnaby E.Hopkins (barnabyhopkins) has left chat range.

[04:44]  Jason Moriarty: I know you can hear me

[04:44]  Jason Moriarty: I know you are there

Gadget gasped and nearly lost his footing…..

[04:44]  Jason Moriarty: I know what you fear

[04:44]  Jason Moriarty: I know what you love

[04:44]  Jason Moriarty: I know what you desire

[04:45]  Jason Moriarty: and it pleases me to know you are the same as me

[04:45]  Jason Moriarty shouts: HAHAH HAHAHA HAHAHA

Gadget scrabbled back down the chimney, grazing his knees and elbows. When he reached the bottom he sprinted back towards The Gut and hurridly posted the emergency meeting notice in the Secret Urchin dead letterbox.


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 22, 2011


    Oh dear… This evil laughing is rather infectious!

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