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(dark aether) – An ‘elpful assistant

Gadget squeeled in delight as his image fuzzed into view on the screen. He waved his hand in front of Unit#9 to check it was not some kind of painting, but sure enough his doppelganger on the screen imitated the motion exactly after a short delay.

“My transmissions are subject to delay and interference from temporal anomolies during the sub-miniture portal wave tunneling phase.” explained Unit#9 as Gadget stared at the screen.

“Buggered if I know wot your on about mate, but you are gonna be one ‘eck of a useful box of cogs with that trick for wot we got planned!” Gadget danced about in front of Unit#9’s camera transfixed with his image on the screen.

Unit#9 said nothing while it internally adjusted its speech analysis processor to account for missing H’s.


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