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Danger in Bunny Tower

After a few of those clockworks had tried to stuff  her in a stolen Santa Claus bag using a carrot as bait, Kasa called on Wisp and Astray.  She had them help her set a large magnet on a board and then asked them to spread the word, “The Bunny Tower is not safe right now.  You two be careful as well out there.”

Wisp nodded and motions that he will let Lilith know to spread the word that for a week at least Bunny tower was to an at your own risk area.  The other, a skunk moreau named Astray, nodded in ascent as well.

As they departed she started to get ready in the now empty tower.  She’d already sent Leon away, he hadn’t wanted to go but Kasa had insisted.  Trying to catch her in a sack?  She would show them they were messing with the wrong bunny.

Maybe a vacation on the fells was what Leon needed anyways, and maybe he could go find an old friend out there while they were at it.  

As the two departed Kasa sighed and looked over the small collection of weapons she scrounged up, a pistol Leon loaned her but only a few rounds of ammo, her dagger and sling shot, the bag and rope, and her weapon she just built earlier the magnet plank.

It was the plank she had used to chase off the clockworks earlier but added to it a large magnet she got from the junkyard, and she planned to keep her word to Petra and let her have the captured clank when she was done with it.

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