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Dairy 5: How I wish I could run away…

Ugh, more problems with the tacky-taggers and of course they are RIGHT next to the shop of all places. I know that this is probably kicking a dead horse, but what can you expect from a town that barely knows law, let alone logic…

I miss the lovely Paliside area…the Gut doesn’t suit a little, dainty thing like myself.

Luckily for me, I will have a way out! My darling Scottie…soon to whisk me away as his young blushing bride…right…to……port.

Though I don’t mind port…I am not a sailor girl at all. Having grown with two former ruffians already, they always did mind their mouths with me. How I adored them for that…papa and uncle Michael. Refined gents in deed. Perhaps dear Scottie can be refined a tick. They do say married life can change a man for the better…or was it the worst?

I feel darling is just what I need I think…opposites attracting, and all that sort of luck!

However, my darling being the confrontational lot that he is…I can’t tell him that these horrid taggins are actually starting to cause fear in my own little heart. It seems like a childish hoax gone terribly wrong, and quiet frankly…this is a game I wish not to play.

I’m scared…honestly, and waking after spending a night at the shop to find not even four marks within my vicinity only added fuel to my fear. Well…who ever wished to cause worry certainly has one person they can count on doing such.



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