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Dairy 3: The unlikely courtship and what a blast it is…(private)

Well diary, I wanted to court and of all that I would be locked with is none other than the forward man, Mr. Scottie Melnik of Portside Books. Granted…he is a bit rougher of a man than I had hope to ask for my hands, but he is lovely just the same.

An alley curr that is loyal but shagged and beaten by life is he…A curr that is a noted dancer and though at times I can’t help but look over my shoulder as I waltz with him to see if any of the misses that enjoyed his company before hold knives in hopes of doing so again.

I can’t help but smile as he mutters about rogue letters and bad piping schematics as he sleeps confortbly in my bed…but I must find something the cure that terrible snoring.

Oh diary…there is one thing that bothers me regarding our courtship…words that I know are not true…but seem very memorable to me. Why would Scottie lie though, to -me- of all people?

I won’t endulge in such thoughts now…there’s something more pressing in my mind.

Working on the auction house late last night brought in a visitor of a rather bothersome demeanor. A woman, small and sightly frail came into my shop asking for gun powder. Did I look like a convience store?! I know she had to take a good enough look before entering, as the shops was nothing BUT window.

I had to save face as my beloved stood next to me with a curious brow upon his forhead. The rat of a woman tried really hard to look innocent through thick goggles as she uttered her request for gunpowder behind the facade that she needed it for a “TEA” party followed by Gorean ships. I looked to my beloved for a better explaination but cut it short as the hairs on the back of my head stood up. I had to get her out of my shop…

The woman was given some suggestions by my love and myself and with glee she took them and took off…

I turned to Scottie after my civil demeanor had faded with great shock on my face.

Between the two of us we recapped the incident in front of city hall. The mention of paint mixed gunpowder was something we synced and thought perhaps this is something we shouldn’t keep to ourselves…but who do we tell?

We decided it best to call it a night as I snuck him into my bedroom to rest. I’m glad father is busy in his labs, but I do hope he wakes up soon lest father wishes to see me.



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