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Dairy #2: How time flys.

It seemed like months have come and gone since daddy has returned, however that is merely time for me. One minute it’s there, and the next minute it’s gone! Oh my…
At anyrate dearest diary I must updated you on things as they are. Daddy has helped me to complete buildings on the factory with uncle Michael, and I look forward to my new endeavour! Keep busy…that was daddy’s motto and I was one who would not derive from it in the slightest. So busy I became, creating little goggles to be passed amongst the steamlands in hopes of being able to make my own way.
I’m 19 now…I should have it no other way, right?
Something strange is happening to me though and I can’t put my finger on it. The girl in the mirror is still the same…a treasure…but still no chest…not to mention that everytime I see the other bucksome women of Babbage…I blush terribly wondering why I was so neglected  during creation.
But that’s silly talk isn’t it? I should be content…especially since father has told me that I can start courting now…but who would arch a brow to such little arches?
I embarass myself…but perhaps there is hope? Yes! Diary I kissed someone! My first real kiss!! I am so red now thought…and will have to tell you later about it as I may not count it if the man is a rascal…at anyrate…
I have reunited myself with a girl closer than a sister to me from the Caledon Orphanage. Neko Imako was one of the girls that I couldnt’ survive without, though older and adopted out a lot sooner than me…she had promised to keep in touch and that she did! Now her travels have brought her to New Babbage and what a comfort it is indeed…like a lost security blanket now within my grasp. She will be staying above the small apartment my factory holds…which makes me feel even better having someone around continuously.
Daddy calls, I wonder what he could want at this hour? Much love dear diary…

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