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Saturday, Evening


The bottom of the Vernian Sea was not the easiest terrain for an undead Timelord to walk along. Between the uneven ground, the merfolk, and various fish varieties attempting to nibble at his decayed flesh, it took all day for Mr. Angkarn to arrive at the bay in Clockhaven. He surfaced, coughing up water as he did so. He was not aware that earlier that day, Mr.

Mornington had released an airborne cure for the virus, and even now as Orpheus stumbled up the beach, it was beginning to work on the wet man.

Orpheus stumbled through the streets of Clockhaven into the Port District. He had lost all speech capabilities; now all he could do was produce a dinosaur like roar. He roared loudly as he tried to stumble into Cuffs and Collars. The Melniks conversed with Brother Lapis and Thermite Ultima, unafraid of the zombie shambling up the steps.

“Vkkk…Trrrr?” mumbled Orpheus.

Thermite responded by throwing a potato at his head, which he was unable to avoid. The Melniks were a little more helpful. They said something about a cure being airborne and instructed him to breathe deeply. Orpheus did as they instructed, and felt something changing inside him.

Scottie Melnik looked worriedly at the man. “Feeling better, sir?” he asked.

“Vik…tor… Have you seen Victor?” Orpheus realized that he could once again form words as the cure went about its business. “Oh my, yes, that is much better. What happened?”

Mr. Melnik went on to explain that a variation of the plague last year surfaced again and people were transformed into zombies, or dinosaurs. A cure had been found and dispersed earlier that day, and that his skin would clear up in a few days.


It took longer to reach Orpheus because he had been underwater for most of the day. Orpheus took leave of the bar owners and stepped outside. He checked to make sure no one was around before summoning his Tardis to where he was. The “Vwoorp Vwoorp” sound echoed loudly through the street as the Police Box dematerialized.

Scottie sighed. “Sounds like someone’s machine is gonna blow up again. They really ought to get that fixed.”

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