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Cryptic Truth Never Hurts

The sound of the engines hummed softly, the wind and fresh salt air as the airship flies low over the water, the air fresh and clean her visit to the Caribbean was not bad, but she missed New Babbage.  Time had passed since she was asked to leave the.. First secret meeting. She had stayed to hear them release Beryl by vote and then walked away.

As the sun was starting to slowly dip down she started to try and sing.  It was difficult, her voice rasped due to old scars. Her tune was off key, but she had memorized the songs all the same.  If she was being honest, she still loved it.. She appreciated most of her life, but the journals drew out a deep wanderlust.  Set her running away from home, friends, everyone. It got lonely

Even though Beryl assured her they would be there… Candance never held her to her word, the young jerboa wanting to be her own.. To become a famous explorer in her own right one day… even though for now her adventures took her to random ports of trade with … her Clockwork and ship Captain Obidiah Ahab Marsh or so the clockwork chose for itself. He was her only company… though she wishes she could do something about his attitude at times.

Her ears twitch as she tries to sing once more only to end up more in a coughing fit before the familiar sound of heavy footsteps on the deck behind her caught her ears.

“Query: Is master ok?”

She blinks It felt like a normal question but how he asked was different no insult… no…  sarcasm… The jerboa tilts her head 

“What do you mean Marsh?” She asks softly.

“Observation: Master has spent a lot of time… alone on deck this trip and brought no other meatbags with her on this journey…  and did not say goodbye to any of the meatbags before she last left babbage.”

Candance blinks a few times and nods looking back over the waves “ya… I know…. Just wanted… time alone… happens when others don’t want ya…” She says softly

The clockwork seemed to be silent a moment, “Observation:  Your meatbag friends have made one attempt to contact you today.  It would seem you are still wanted by some.”

She blinks a bit his comment about them with all she had been though brought a slight crack of a smile to her lips. “Hmmm, I guess…..I can take… Christmas off… of adventuring… and see them… was hoping to see steam santa in flight… would have been quite the site” She said as she turns still sitting on the railing and hops to the deck. “I will.. Hear what they have to say.”

The clockworks one eye seems locked on her “Exclamation: why not go hear what they say, then go to the Ball, music and food.” he says curiously  “Query: That is what meatbags celebrate this time of year correct?

Candance nods “I guess… tell them.. I will listen.” She says as she heads off towards her room to go change, leaving Marsh on the deck by himself

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