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Crispin MacCrimmon’s Journal Entry, 27th of August 188X

Crispin’s Journal, Do Not Touch!

Journal Entry, 27th, August 188 *Last number smeared by what appears to be Peanut Butter*


Oh how wonderful, dearest Journal, to be back in New Babbage once again.Yet, as I sit inside the clock tower above Brunel Hall writing in you, and clutching an odd wooden carving of a Raven, I fear this city is, for the like of a better word, going to hell…fast.

I have heard of The Church of the Builder and there apparent wanting to capture anyone with magic abilities, and yet I do not fear them. It seems, Journal, I am not the only one that doesn’t fear them for, as I clutch this piece of wood, I sense within it a child, as old as me, who seems to have already issued a challenge upon them…catch me if you can.


The young boy, who is named Crow LittleBoots, can apparently change his shape from that of a Native American Boy, to that of a Raven. And he has been using this to his power to his advantage, as well as another, one which anyone would find frightening, if they do not find the first frightening already, and that is…he seems to have the ability to communicate with the dead, and channel them. I have observed through the piece of wood Raven him chatting, with his eyes white as snow, with a spirit named Ahiga, who has warned him, I believe, of the dangers of the Church Crow so wants to spy upon. On one occasion I have observed him, through the Raven carving, wandering inside the church, his eyes the same color as before, and his voice sounding like that of a grown man…I am guessing this to be Ahiga, speaking through him.


What I find odd is, the spirit seems to be speaking about the beauty of the church, and the dangers of the church, seemingly to other spirits who I oddly see, women, men, and even children, all with cinnamon colored skin, like that of Crow, and hair as dark as his, save for a few old women. Yet my visions end there, and return with Crow, as a Raven, watching a Brother hand out soup to a small boy before taking flight into the church, saying in his mind, ‘Follow me if you chose, Holy man.’ before changing, inside the church, to that of his usual appearance, and walking casually out the front doors, stopping in front of the table and staring at the brother, and then to the boy…who…my word, he drank Crow’s blood…but that is not important to me.


I guess, as I sit here eating a Peanut Butter sandwich, I am issuing a challenge of my own to the Brothers, and more specifically, Father Moonwall…despite the warning bestowed upon me by my mentor, Mayor Tenk, I am not covering my pointy ears up in a hat no longer…and I am leaving this within plain site of all who wishes to read…My warning is this, ‘Catch me if you can, Church of the Builder.’


*With that last sentence written, Crispin places the sandwich on his makeshift table and teleports, in a plume of leaves and wind, to the streets below, heading to Coco Java and placing the journal, with the page marked by a wooden bookmark, on a nearby table before he walks away toward Brunel Hall, disappearing once again in the same plume of leaves and wind.*

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  1. Gilhooly Skute Gilhooly Skute August 28, 2010

    cor, good job yer back, Crispin!

  2. Skyler Gant Skyler Gant August 29, 2010

    *Smiles* Thank you Cil, mate. I’m glad ta be back. New York City was nice…but it was nothing compared to New Babbage.

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