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Consultation with Dr Watson

After all the trudging through snow recently, my beast bite wound became infected. A couple of days ago Dr Watson cleaned the wound and put me on bed rest.

Unfortunately the infection has not improved and I’m now genuinely bedridden and extremely feverish. Dr Watson and Dr Kaligawa are considering surgery. The decision will be made by 1pm SLT…

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs December 5, 2010

    ((I’m beginning to think New Babbage’s motto should be “Come to New Babbage!  Lose a limb–or two! *grin*))

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 5, 2010

    Don’t worry, we can always fit you with a wonderful clockwork limb! You will be scampering about again in no time!

    Stay positive!

  3. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower December 5, 2010

    We haz the technology…

  4. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn December 5, 2010

    We can rebuild you. Better, faster, smoggier…

  5. Nat Merit Nat Merit December 6, 2010

    I live-blogged this on Plurk here:

    Hope to do a proper blog with good quality pictures in the next couple of days! (Something to do while bedridden! ;)

  6. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 6, 2010

    Oh dear! That is not good, although I am pleased that you survived the procedure.

    If you need any help with the fees for the surgery then send the bill to AP&E. I will be happy to pay the good Doctors for their work.

  7. Skyler Gant Skyler Gant December 6, 2010

    Cor, losing a leg, bloody awful mate. Hope you get better soon. If’n you change your mind about the Rum, I gots plenty to help numb the pain.


    *Rushes off in search of the beast, taking swigs of Rum from his flask as he does.*

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