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Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach 2014 Winter Games Day

A long-standing tradition is back for the 2014 winter season.  New Babbage’s contribution is on the 26th.


January 25th – 11am to 12:30pm

To kick off this weekend of fun filled events we invite you to the Dragon Amphitheater in Caledon On Sea for dancing, ice skating and hot cocoa!  Music and venue provided by the gracious Nyree Rain.


January 25th – 1pm to 4pm

United En Garde tournament: open registration (L$50 registration fee to be paid by SelenaAnansi as her gift to you all). Come at least 5 minutes ahead to register: the tournament starts on time (and rezzing may take many minutes). Also, these tournaments are usually very-well attended, so keep yourself as lag-free as possible.


January 25th – 4pm to 5:00pm

The Queen Alice Chess Club will be hosting a chess party. Not a tournament, just some music and some good people. Chess boards will be around and if chess happens, well, that’s just nature. Also at hand will be a billiards table, a Japanese dice game called Chou-Han, and a Goban. Show up, you’ll have a nice time. That’s all I can promise.


January 25th – 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Action! Adventure! White-hat heroes and black-hearted curs!

On Saturday, January 25 at 5:30PM SLT, join Captain Lucien Brentano and a menagerie of misfits for the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach 2014 Winter Games Day Steamcarpet Steeplechase! Ever seen “Wacky Racers”? It’s kind of like that… only less serious!

We’ll meet up at the muster point and then ZOOM around the sim in a madcap and probably silly race to the finish line!

Steam-powered carpets! Pirates! MACHINE GUNS! This race promises to have it all!

Mustering begins at 5:30PM SLT, and we’ll see you there!!


January 26th – 11am tp 12pm

Morning fishing tournament at the Kittiwick Fishing Supply Company. Hats may be involved.


January 26th – 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Coffee.  Black as midnight on a moonless night.  Thick like oil.  After steam, it is the fuel of the Steamlands.

Join us in New Babbage on January 26th at 12:30PM SLT for the 6th Europa Wulfenbach Games Day.  The Experimental High-Test Coffee Race, newly added this season, will test your mettle in a foot race designed to demonstrate the energy-producing effects of a good, hot, steaming and perfectly safe cup of uber-coffee!

Unlimited amounts of coffee will be provided along with additional equipment absolutely without charge!


Wulfenbach Europa Game Day Monster Hunt!
January 26th – 5pm to 7pm

Evil!!! Treachery!!! Madness!!! The North Pole has come under attack!
We have received word from surviving members of Santa’s elven ranger squad that otherworldly forces have invaded and taken over Santa’s workshop, seeding the surrounding area with hideous monsters and vile mutations to keep away prying eyes. These villains are now using Santa’s factory and manufacturing capabilities to create death machines to leave under trees and in stockings for children all over the world come Christmas next year. This must not stand!

I have been authorized by Baron Wulfenbach to assemble a team of expenda… err… adventurous souls to venture in and push this alien menace back to from wherever they came. We’ve also received the blessing of the Queen Victoria of England, who has sent us a shipment of nice hats for all those participating.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us on the WEA Gummi-Ente where you shall receive equipment and basic training, and then be air-dropped as close to Santa’s workshop as we are able, fight your way past the savage beasts that patrol, find the entrance to the main factory, find the ones responsible for this invasion, and in the spirit of Christmas, destroy them utterly and without mercy!

Come and take part in the event monster-hunters throughout the Steamlands have been talking about as Steelhead, The Charity Way Trading Co., and Wulfenbach Europa bring you a multi-level arena filled with brutal challenges, bonus prizes, and the coveted trophy signifying the holder as the greatest of all the monster-hunters, the Shattenjaeger!!!


January 26th – 7pm to 9pm

What event in the steamlands would be complete with out a closing ball? So here it is!  Music! Dancing! High Steamland Fashions!

Location to be determined

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