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Conclusions and questions

Casefile PS082610

Location: Church of the Builder, Babbage Canals, New Babbage

Synopsis: On 26 August Mr. Pip Steamer was found deceased in a holding cell in the basement of the Church of the Builder.

Case Follow-up Notes:

2 Sept:

Contacted by W. Undertone. He said that he had additional information reference a possible suspect, or information relating to the murder weapon.

Reexamined scene along with S. Netizen. Interviewed Brother Rudyard at church. Found that he was on watch prior to discovery of the murder. He admitted during interview that during the shift he was not in view of the cellblock for extended periods of time. He was at the top of the stairs and did not have a clear view of door. This opens the possibility that the perpetrator was able to access victim from within without being seen. Did additional site survey to better plot out the layout of the underground passages under the church.

Spoke at length with Dr Miggins, and he delivered his autopsy findings. Stated that victim was a non-mechanical self-aware construct. He gave me additional information on the body that helped to corroborate the evidentiary findings.

Spoke to Juvenile Subject 1 (see sealed file for name). Subject stated that he was paid to acquire murder weapon for Suspect and delivered same to Suspect prior to crime. Juvenile subject was unwilling to cooperate fully due to fear of retaliation from suspect.

Seeking to secure additional information or statements to further finalize case against suspect.

The investigation is ongoing.

Miss J. Dagger, Senior Investigator

Terranova Investigative Services

Aether Salon, 2nd Floor

#24 Academy Downs

Babbage Palisades, New Babbage

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin September 6, 2010

    errrrr…… Juvenile Subject 1? does that mean there could be a 2 or even a 3? oohh errr!

  2. Father Pizzaro Father Pizzaro September 6, 2010

    I have some information that came to light. It would please me to have an appointment to see you.

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