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Completion of The Esoteric Order of Dagon meeting hall



Greetings, New Babbage.  I am most happy to report that our renovation of the old Mason Hall in Coronet Gardens is complete.

We have not yet begun our nightly meetings schedule, so the doors will remain open to to satisfy the curiosity of the cityfolk until such time as we do.  There are artifacts of historical interest both on the grounds and within the hall that may peak your interest.

Should members of The Order be in attendance during your visit, please feel free to engage us in conversation, and we will answer what questions you may have.  Also, there are brochures available with informination about The Order.  Specific questions concerning membership should be addressed solely to me, Zachariah Effingham, for the time being.

Donations are most appreciated, and the donation bowl may be found inside just to the right of the inner doors.

Please enjoy your visit, and pay no mind to the whipporwills that seem to have settled here.


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