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Coming To The Surface – Part 2

Sky sat amongst the full crowd at ‘Cuffs wondering where Scottie had run off to and what was taking him so long. She was snapped from her wonderings when she heard someone near the scuffle in the corner yell, “He’s gotta knife!” Sky immediately hopped from her place on the mantle and pulled her sword, muttering, “Oh no you don’t…”

She stalked towards the man in the corner who had just drawn a large knife against his unarmed opponent. Sky clicked her tongue against her teeth loudly, the regulars quickly turned their attention to her and moved out of her way: They knew that sound and they did not wish to be at the receiving end of it.

Now directly behind the drunken thug with a knife, Sky bellowed in a lower register, “Drop it!” The thug’s head slowly turned as he slurred, “Go on an’ make me. I’m gonna finish this cur once and for all.” His glazed eyes widened as they locked on Sky’s steely blues. He let out a loud laugh, slobbering all over himself and a bit on the unmoving, upset woman now in front of him, “You gotta be kidding me! You’re just a little….” *CRACK!* Sky’s bandaged left fist connected with the thug’s jaw without warning, a soft clanking sound was heard as he dropped the knife.

The thug held his hand up to nurse his now wounded face, his eyes a bit less glazed as he stared in shock at the small redhead in front of him. She said in a clear, stern tone, “I told ya to drop it.” The regulars shook their heads and laughed quietly, many of them having made a similar mistake in the past. Sky turned on her heel, and darted towards the open wall of the small establishment, only to end up nose to nose with her husband.

“I was just about to come check on you,” she said quietly to Scottie. Her hand was immediately seized as Scottie pulled her in the same direction he had arrived from, whispering with a serious tone, “I need to show you something…”

Once at their destination they both stood speechless for a while, fighting to keep their eyelids open. Sky eventually whispered, “Builder protect us all.”


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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs October 11, 2011

    Oh, dear.  That can’t be good…

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