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Coming down with something…. and its not answers

Excerpts from the journals of O. Angkarn:

Wednesday, 188~

had to leave my hiding spot last night earlier than expected. Not only
is a steel girder very uncomfortable, but I seem to be coming down with
something. I’ve got this cough that won’t go away. Quite painful really.
I am going to the Port District to send my notes to a colleague via the
tube system. I am really starting to worry, things are getting wierd at
the museum.


I am such a fool. I
left the second journal at the museum, but didn’t realize it until I was
at the tube station. I was headed out when I saw… Moriarty! He’s
back! He did not know me, or that I knew him. He said he had……..

rest of the entry is smeared as if something dragged across the wet
page. Orpheus was so busy writing that he did not notice the floor
shimmer and the raptor jump down off the perch. Believing this to be his
next meal, the raptor leapt onto Orpheus, slashing at him with its
razor sharp claws. Orpheus tried to fight back, then the floor shimmered
again and the raptor was back in its usual location.

hell! The timelock is failing, and I’ve been attacked. Nothing fatal,
but between this cough, and these scratches, i better head to the

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